Mia Monochromatic See-Through Leggings

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 MIA #A8004

Mia is low waist full length compression pant with side seam insets. Leg pockets on both sides. 

Mia Monochromatic See-Through Leggings
Get a legging that you can wear not only when you are working out but also when you are out on a date, running an errand or even on any casual parties! Choose the Mia Monochromatic See-Through Leggings and get a legging that has multiple usage.
Don’t just feel sexy, look sexy when you wear this form fitting leggings. It is made from both Nylon and Spandex material making it cool to wear during your fitness routine. It is also stretchable giving you the freedom to move any way you want.
There is no time to wait. Get your own see-through leggings today!
⦁ Material: 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex
⦁ Low waist full length compression pant with side seam insets
⦁ Leg pockets on both sides.
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